February 1, 2011

Philippine Football-Soccer Needs Government Support

Philippine football have done impossible things in the last Suzuki cup. They even defeated Vietnam which is considered to be a strong team.

To improve football in the Philippines.I would recommend that football must be integrated in the physical education from the basic education up to the tertiary level. Then, the government must establish an academy that will focus on the financial and technical aspects of this game. The Philippine Azkals needs help, needs sponsor for the success of this game and needs media exposure.

I was amazed when I heard that we have a football team here in the Philippines. I could never imagined to see the best Philippine Football team. Hopefully the government should support all the way to the Football Team Azkals and let this sport to be a famous one not only in basketball world. We will tell the world that we are incomparable and will reign among all Football Teams all over the world for the soonest time.


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