January 25, 2011

Scope of Volleyball

Volleyball - is an Olympic team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

The ball is usually played with the hands or arms, but players can legally strike or push (short contact) the ball with any part of the body. Several techniqes have evolved in volleyball, including spiking, blocking, passing, setting and specialized player positions and offensive and defensive structures.

The first official ball used in volleyball is disputed; some sources say that Spalding created the first official ball in 1896, while others claim it was created in 1900. The skill and power of the set and spike had been introduced in the Philippines in 1917.

Each team consists of six players. To get started of this game, a team is chosen to serve by coin toss.When the ball contacts the floor within the court boundaries or an error is made, the team that did not make the error is awarded a point. Scoring may varies between leagues, tournaments and levels; high schools sometimes play best-of-three to 25. However, in the National Athletic Collegiate Association games are played best-of-five to 25 as of the 28 season. Competitive teams master six basic skills such as serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. Each of these skills comprises a number of specific techniques that have been introduced over the years and are now considered standard practice in high-level volleyball.


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