January 23, 2011

Scope of Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport in the Philippines and all over the world, is a combat sport and martial art in which two people fight using their fists for competition and commonly known as pugilism. Boxing is supervised by a referee engaged in during a series of one to three-minute intervals called rounds.

Up to three judges are typically present at ringside to score the bout and assign points to the boxers, based on punches that connect, defense, knockdowns, and other, more subjective measures. The fighter with the higher score at the end of the fight is ruled the winner.

Should the referee count to ten,for scoring purposes, a standing eight count is treated as a knockdown, the knocked-down boxer is ruled "KNOCKED OUT" (whether unconscious or not) and the other boxer is ruled the winner by knockout (KO). A Technical Knockout (TKO) is possible as well and is ruled by the referee, fight doctor, or a fighter's corner if a fighter is unable to safely continue to fight, based upon injuries or being judged unable to effectively defend themselves. Considered also as a knockout in a fighter's record.

Boxers are strictly prohibited from hitting below the belt, holding, tripping, pushing, biting, spitting or wrestling. There are four basic punches in boxing such as Jab, Cross-in, Hook, Uppercut. If there are punches, there are several basic maneuvers a boxer can use in order to evade or block punches (Slipping, Bobbing, Blocking (with the arms), Cover-up (with the gloves), Clinching, Footwork and Pulling away. And several defensive positions as well (low guard, mixed guard, peek-a-boo. Less common strategies are the rope-a-dope, bolo punch, overhand right and check hook. Boxing hall of fame, the sport has two internationally recognized boxing halls of fame; the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) and the World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHF) but IBHOF being the more widely recognized boxing hall of fame.


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Boxing is one of the most popular sports not only in the Philippines but throughout the world, and Manny Pacquiao, for example know and put it also all over the world, such as authoritative people before his next fight was very confident of early victory: PNP chief Bato thinks Pacquiao will win with a KO on the 6th, not the 4th round https://kami.com.ph/57562-bato-disagrees-duterte-pnp-chief-predicts-6th-ko-championship-pacquiao.html - what happened then - Pacquiao defeated his opponent!

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