January 25, 2011

Billiard Game

Billiard is one of the most popular sport in the Philippines. Billiard is a fast growing leisure sport played on a billiard table, with stick know as cue stick, usually 58 inches in length, and weighing 18 to 21 ounces. The cue stick is used to hit the balls, moving around the table.

Billiard games are categorized by table type; For French or Continental billiard table (no pockets) carambole billiard, three cushion billiard, straight rail. In English billiard table includes English billiards, snooker and golf. Rotation or straight pool, eight ball, nine ball, seven ball, banks, one pocket, six pocket, cowboy, indian, cutthroat are the kinds of Pool Table. A Russian billiard table also with pockets (74mm, balls are 68mm.) Bumper pool, bar billiards and flanges are also categorized as billiard games type.

Cloth has been used to cover billiards tables since the 15th century. In fact, the predecessor company of the most famous maker of billiard cloth, Iwan Simonis, was formed in 1453. Billiard balls have been made from many different materials since the start of the game.

Every time or whatever games we interested in, our main objective is to win the game. In playing billiard, do not shoot without aiming, every single shot even if it is in half-table range. Look at the shot while you are standing and align yourself in its direction. Through playing billiards you create a competitive spirit in a team or individual situation, enhances communication skills, allows for competition without physical game, develops an inner strength through competition, develops an ability to think on ones feet, develops decision making as an individual or in a team concept. Can be played by almost anyone regardless of age or sex and with only rare physical restrictions. Many homes now have a table in the family room where all members of the family have an opportunity to enjoy this fascinating sport. So, enjoy and have fun playing billiards.


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